Thursday, 7 January 2010

I'm a bad, bad Lizzie

Wow. I knew I was bad, but this is terrible. I've done the same thing on dA, so maybe I'm just lazy. Let's say I was busy. I'm not sure what with, but it'll make me feel better.

So, a new year. I'm not sure if it's a new decade yet or not, but no-one can deny the year. A whole new set of holidays to look forward to (Jellyfish Day (copyright Becky Boakes 2008), Beltane, Litha, Solstice's, blah blah blah...), a new set of exams to dread (AS levels will be the death of me), a new set of birthdays to get ready for (nana's first, then mother's, best mate's...and I'm 18 this year. I don't feel like a grown-up!) and an old set of friends to torture - I mean, love to death. Yeah. I meant that.

My Christmas was...over quickly. It just flew by. I kept making gingerbread men. It was like an addiction or something! I'm gonna make some more today...and I know it's not about the gifts, but seriously? Mum asked me to write a list then ignored it. Okay then...and my nan tried to poison me with Brazil nuts which I am allergic to. But no biggie. Dr Who was good, but the new guy's a freak and trying to be like David Tennant too much. Blarg.

New years did the same thing. Me and mum stayed at home, so it was all quiet.

I'm supposed to be studying. I'll do some art later, and revise some bio and chem but...I can't work up any excitement. It's be lazy and fail or do something and pass. I'll do something.

But it's snowing. Quite heavily actually, and I'm off school due to danger. And they were more worried about the staff coming in than the students. Twats. It's pretty but kinda dangerous, there's already been some accidents because of it. The one thing I want to know, is why hasn't the government and council already prepared? We're running out of grit here, and they're only worried about the main roads which clear themselves. Pft.

I might try my guitar nails are a little long but I can cut them if I want.

I'll try and upload some pictures to dA later, so you can see my dismal attempts at painting. I need to give a mermaid a green tinge to her skin. HOW TO DO?!

On the upside, I'm feeling better than I was this morning. Let's just say for five hours the toilet was my best friend, and the sink came close. Yeah.

Anyone who loves ZeLink and doesn't mind OC's I have an epic story of epicness for you to read! This story is...amazing doesn't even begin the describe it. The only issue is that it's sequel's chapter are updated slooooooooooooooowly. It's so worth it.

I might try my oracle and tarot cards later...


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Prom, and lack of updating.

I should've posted so much earlier than this, but I'm lazy and I don't care ^^ I care about you guys, but I don't care I'm lazy. That's a bad thing, isn't it?

Anywho, for those who read this you should know I had prom on the 1st. And may I say I was pretty damn gorgeous ^^ It was slightly less that we thought it'd be, as they played music you couldn't dance to, could only grind to. And believe me, some people really took advantage of that. Meh. The driver got the directions wrong too, so we ended up going in the opposite direction to the prom. Yeah. We arrived late (fashionably), tried to eat dinner, failed, and this I was bombarded by two people I didn't like. Two girls who made my life hell for months came up to me separately and apologised and now are trying to get on my good side. I really don't like them.

SOS. Imma put some pics here, and then do something...else. I'm not sure what. Maybe sleep. Eh. Oh, and the girl in blue on the end? Yeah, she's really, really rude. We don't like her.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

And Daddy Said You Gotta Show The World The Thunder...

Long, overused, but does the trick ^^

Last night we finally had a thunderstorm *throws partay* I've been aching for one for the past two weeks so i was ecstatic with this. The only downside was I was stuck at my grandparent's house due to uncontrollable weathers and we had nothing of our own here. Oh well. It was so worth it ^^ We had hail, rain, lightning, everything! I shoulda taken some photos...

Apart from that, I've had a busy week; Saturday I was up London all day with the Roleplayers and parents for The Woman in Black. I have the book and I couldn't get into it, but I knew the main story so it was okay. But bloody hell, that play was terrifying. I hid most of the second half, and when I got home that night I kept waking up expecting to see a pale, wasted face shrouded in black hovering over me...*shudders* I really don't like the horror genre. Which is strange, seeing as I can think and imagine so many ways to kill someone...huh. Maybe I don't like not knowing what's out there, ya know? I'll have to think about that.

Sunday I was in Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park all day. For the UK devmeet. *screams, throws partay* ANY UK dA MEMBER WHO WASN'T THERE, YOU MISSED OUT!!! It was brilliant! There was the biggest turn out of any devmeet in the world $Spyed said, so we have that to be proud of ^^ there were some weird ass cosplayers there, girl was being led around on a leash by another girl with long silver hair. Eh, whatever. I couldn't take it when they started Carameldansen though, or however it's spelt. Srsly. I made some new friends, did a drawing (that took me all frickin' day!) and just generally had fun ^^ we're thinking of hosting our own devmeet sometime this year, or next even if $Heidi and $Spyed don't come. It was fun ^^ I was talking about emo rapists, and this girl came over and said;

"...excuse me, did you just say "I'm a rapist"?" We kinda froze, then we all burst out laughing, so for the rest of the day I said I was a professional rapist. "Runs in the family, dontcha know?" xDD It was hilarious.

The rest of this post is designated to Courtney, who wants an OC Sim and can't read ma Facebook. FOR YOU, MY CO-CONSPIRATOR!!

For the ones who expressed interest in becoming a Sim, I need you to choose five of these (eg. one from mental, two from social, etc, to make up five attributes) that you think are most like you. Thank you ^^


Can't Stand Art
Computer Whiz
Green Thumb
Natural Cook
Virtuoso (Music)

Couch Potato
Heavy Sleeper
Hydrophobic (Afraid of Water)
Light Sleeper
Never Nude


Commitment Issues
Dislikes Children
Easily Impressed
Good Sense of Humour
Great Kisser
Hopeless Romantic
Mean Spirited
No Sense of Humour
Party Animal

Frugal (Tight With Money)
Hates The Outdoors
Kleptomaniac (Uncontrollable Thief)
Loves The Outdoors

NOTE: If you are unlucky, you cannot be lucky, if good not evil, etc.

You then have five lifetime wishes to choose from. These will be determined by the five traits you picked. Choose five of these that you'd like and I'll pick whichever one appears for your Sim;

Professional Author
World Renowned Surgeon
Become a Superstar Athlete
CEO of a Mega-Corporation
Hit Movie Composer
Rock Star
The Tinkerer
Become a Master Thief
Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler
Become an Astronaut
Master of the Arts
Perfect Mind, Perfect Body
Gold Digger
Star News Anchor
Living in the Lap of Luxury
Jack of All Trades
Surrounded by Family
Renaissance Sim
Chess Legend
The Culinary Librarian
Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
International Super Spy
Super Popular
Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium
Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Illustrious Author
Swimming in Cash
The Perfect Garden
Leader of the Free World
The Emperor
Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder



Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Alive, Alive-Oh

Even with exams I'm happy to be alive. I'm getting more commissions for Sims so I'm gonna have less time on my hands for stupid activities and I think I'm gonna pass at least one exam soon, so it's all good ^^

It keeps raining. It's been raining here for the past week or so. My friend Ayla (also known as This Person) says that they're lucky in Australia to get more than ___ cms a year. We've had more than that in two days. The good thing is that I'm made for England, seriously. I hate sunshine. I have fair skin, moles and dark hair. Not the best combo for sunbathing. I always burn, or at least turn pink...and with moles the risk of melanomas are increased. And I can't stand heat. I always prefer to be cold and warm up, than be hot and cool down. My mum thinks I'm weird, but she's accepting it now ^^. What with all the rain though, you'dve thought we'dve had a thunderstorm. No. I'm spoiling for one, really badly. I love them to death, and my ultimate dream is to be in school when we have a thunderstorm, then to be outside in one. I know, kinda dangerous, but I won't stand under a tree I promise.

I saw Drag Me To Hell yesterday with a friend, Becky-Lady. It was...well. I've only just realised I don't like horror films. I wasn't screaming, but I dug my nails into Becky's arm a bit too hard. The only way I got through the film was to watch from underneath my hat and crack really bad jokes. Geez, I'm a wimp...but apart from that it was a kinda...weird film. It was more gross out, I mean, she falls on a corpse that falls on her, then embalming fluid comes out of her mouth...eyeballs pop out into her mouth...a fly in her stomach...random bleeding of the was really weird. Oh, and a talking goat. It was towards the end admittedly, the goat got possessed by the Lamia (I swear they were female vampires...or vampires that could have kids...or something O.o) and called the lady a bitch. Then bit another guy and started doing a gig above a table...

Yeah. Weird film.

The ending was total crap, and we analysed it to death. I came up with some many cheesy endings I think Becky wanted to hurt me after ^^. And we kept going on about llamas, coz that's what Becky said she heard. She turned to me in the cinema and said..."Is the girl being stalked by a llama?!" and I laughed, so we got told to shush. So when I said I couldn't put my feet on the floor she said "Yeah, coz the llama'sll get ya!" I was like "Yeah, bite my ankles."

You had to be there. It was funny at the time.

For some reason I have the strange ability to get strangers to talk to me...we got to the cinema early and decided what we wanted, and for some reason Becky was shouting at me. This is kinda the conversation:

Becky: "No, you're an idiot."
Me: "Shut up!"
Becky: "No, make me. You can't, so ha!"
Me: to random cinema workers "Can you tell her to shut up, she isn't listening to me..."
Random Worker 1: "..."
Random Worker 2: "Shut up."
Becky: O.O...
Me: *insane cackle* "Yes!! I have a way with people!"

I also got chatted up at the end of the film by a really cute cinema worker. He asked me about the film for about five minutes, then said bye. I was like, nice one.

I did the same thing in Pizza Hut. I just have a knack with people, what can I say? Thant makes it Wimpy workers, Vue workers and Pizza Hut workers. 3-0, Becky, 3-0!!

Right, well that's about it...I'm gonna put a link to my facebook here, because I like people, and I check it more than Blogger...^^;


I never actually use text speak, so I don't know why I've used it there.

I've had chocolate and coffee. Don't blame me.



P.S. here's the link to the note...I forgot to put it here ^^;

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I am so sorry (for the however many people that read this) that I haven't updated in...months. I lost the password, and exams...and...stuff. Yeah.

ANYWAY I'm here now, so no matter!!

I have three exams left, two physics and a textiles (epic fail for that one...). I can't believe my school actually forced us to take either textiles or DT. Seriously people, I thought we had choice? No? Fantastic. At least after this exam I'll never do textiles again, unless I want to on my own terms ^^

Ah, sweet bliss...

Prom's nearly here and I still have no shoes. I have the bag sorted, I need to find some red glitter and I have to book an appointment with the hairdressers. Curly hair is gonna be hard for moi what with all the hair I have. Oh well, I like a challenge!

I was supposed to go to the orthadontist today (I hate all dentist peoples, all of 'em!) but they cancelled, thank Herne. Instead I have talking to my Aussie bestie (^^) and then playing Twilight Princess with my Dagenham/Barking bestie. THEN seeing Drag Me To Hell. Then revision. Eh, not a bad day ^^.

I got teh Sims 3!!

OMGosh, it is fantastic! I can customise everything about my Sims, and I think I'm in love with EA! I'm making Sims off all my friends, and when I'm done I'll show you them!! I'm also taking commisions, so if anyone wants a Sims of them, or of one of their OCs I'll be more than happy to do it free of charge!

I'm also trying to get back into writing and drawing. With all this time on my hands I've found myself getting more and more bored as time goes on, so I'm going to reawaken my passion for writing and see if I can actually finish a task for once. You'll see how that manages to go ^^;

If you want to check up on me more often, or just want to hear me ramble, check out my dA site (the link's in the little side bar thing, thataway ---->) as I update that site much more often that this one, which shows bias but I can't help it!

Anyway, I love you guys!



Saturday, 2 May 2009

Crashing not like hips or cars...

Today was a slightly bizarre day.

It started out okay ish, we went out for a kind of brunch thing before going up to London to get my prom dress. It's all good, all good, then the bus we got on wasn't able to close the back doors. We thought, why not get out and do it manually, when to our complete horror (I love that phrase!), the driver started driving...without closing the doors. There was a girl about 8 years old near the doors, and he's careening down the road at 30 miles an hour! Yeah, real smart.

After that palavar (we had to get off and get on another bus) we got to the bottom of Barking station. Walkign along, listening to Fall Out Boy, when a screech makes me turn. Have you ever heard someone get hit by a car? It's disturbing. Seeing them fall off the windscreen and bonnet then roll to a complete halt in the road is worse. Apparently this lady had walked in front of a parked bus to cross the road and got hit by a learner driver. Luckily he wasn't going to fast, but still...gods, that was horrible. She wouldn't move, then her friend ran over and tried to yank her off the floor. According to mum I screamed "DON'T TOUCH HER! DON'T PICK HER UP" about five times, really loudly. I used to be a member of St John's Ambulance, so I know the minimum of first aid, and isn't it common sense to not move someone with possible spinal injuries? I still don't know if she's okay...

When we finally made it, I got my prom dress, mum saw it and agreed it was gorgeous. It was the first time I'd seen it completely on me, and I fell in love with it all over again. I'll see if I can put a picture on here later, or maybe I'll wait till prom day.

Tomorrow I have a barbeque thingy. For a mate's dad's birthday. It's not that I don't want to go, more like I really don't want to go. He's nice enough, but his family...freak me out a little. The day after that I have a Beltane celebration. I cannot wait for that!!!! Dancing round a maypole, a bonfire, music and food! What more can you ask for? Well, yes, a car would be nice...well okay, so a pony would be better - yes, a DSi and Professoer Layton is what I'd love, but that has nothing to do with it.

Now to obsess over make up, hair, hat and shoes for prom. And a bag.

I seriously hope that lady's okay...

From me to you,


Friday, 1 May 2009


Geez, What is with ma internetz?! They weren't letting me on, and I was gonna cry...

BUT I IZ HERE!!! For the...four? people that read this.

Seriously, I don't think I've ever loved the people in my school more than I do today.

Someone, apparently the year sevens, decided we would protest at the unfair dismissal of one of our teachers; a Mr Hannan of the RE department.


Half the school abandoned lessons second period (ten o'clock) and ran around the entire field for an hour!! They'd made banners and everything!! Every time the teachers tried to round them up, they ran all the way to other end of the field, screaming "WE WANT HANNAN! WE WANT HANNAN!" He was so moved by the fact everyone cared so much, he actually started crying. I just hope it hasn't screwed up his chances of getting another position at the school.

Things got so bad the police were called, two or three kids got expelled, some in my year aren't allowed to go to the end of year ball or sit their GSCEs in the school, and a few people got arrested. Over a protest-turned-riot in the aid of a fellow human being and one of the only good teachers at school.

I had a great view of it, but I was in lessons (finishing off my final piece for natural form). All lesson I was shouting "Hannan for President!"

Even if I don't live in America the sentiment counts, right?

I'll see if I can find some photos of it, and put a link up later.

I'M STILL BUZZING FROM IT! I had a massive grin that I couldn't get rid of all day!!

The best bit? My friend missed the entire thing. YES, THAT MEANS YOU, NEURO!!

Love to all, and merry Beltane!!